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SciMeasure specializes in developing and manufacturing high speed and low noise cameras that are sensitive for capturing fast biological activities, such as action potentials and other electrical activities. Depending on the light level and the time course of the activity, we offer a wide range of CCD and CMOS cameras for a broad range of Life Science applications such as voltage imaging and ionic imaging (e.g. Ca2+, Na+). This includes imaging of genetically expressed fluorescence probes (e.g. ArcLight). See the RedShirtImaging website for complete turnkey systems.

SciMeasure cameras are designed to give the best performance possible in real world situations. Focusing on multi-port traditional CCDs means that our cameras yield better signal-to-noise at real world signal levels than CCDs that rely on electron multiplication. Focusing on back-illuminated CCDs means that our cameras have much better QE, MTF and cosmetics than all front-illuminated sensors, including CMOS sensors. Focusing on deeper-well CCDs with large pixels means that our cameras have a higher real dynamic range and higher signal-to-noise than small pixel CCDs and CMOS sensors. Large pixels also make it much easier to couple the target to the sensor.

SciMeasure CCD and CMOS Imagers are suitable for spectroscopy. Details coming soon.

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