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14 U.S. Patents on key elements of our CCD and CMOS sensor controllers. 


Patented Controller Toolkit

SciMeasure cameras are based on a patented CCD controller toolkit that can be adapted to any type of CCD. New cameras can be prototyped rapidly and specialized for new sensors by changing only a few features during manufacture. The heart of the CCD controller is a programmable digital sequencer, which can be quickly and easily programmed for new sensors by editing a text file, which is compiled, uploaded and optionally saved in flash memory. This leads to a very rapid development cycle as well as the ability to reprogram any camera in the field at any time in the future.


Patented Modular Backplane Architecture

SciMeasure cameras are based upon a patented modular backplane-based architecture, which can be extended to multiple sensors per controller as easily as it can be extended to multiple ports per sensor. Backplanes are available in 16-bit, 64-bit and 80-bit versions with Base, Full and Extend Full mode CameraLink digital output modules.


Real Time Data Streams

SciMeasure cameras provide real time data streams in standard formats, which are captured by external computers or processing systems. This means that the camera does not limit the speed and duration of the acquisition, processing and storage of image data.


Flexible Output Data Architecture

SciMeasure uses only EDT digital frame grabbers and can provide data streams in AIA and CameraLink formats. The CameraLink modes supported are Base (16-bit), Full (64-bit), Extended Full (80-bit) and a SciMeasure proprietary mode. EDT digital frame grabbers are available in a wide variety of form factors with software development kits (SDKs), which support a wide variety of operating systems.


Extendable and Extensible

SciMeasure digital output modules are compatible with EDT fiber optic interface modules which can send the image data over many km of cable, or which can use fiber optic splitters to provide many parallel output data streams for parallel processing.

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