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SciMeasure cameras

SciMeasure has been involved in the development of high performance scientific CCD and CMOS cameras since 1994. Growing from academic roots, SciMeasure's commercial camera business began with NASA-funded Phase I and II SBIRs for developing a compact, high-speed, low-noise CCD camera for wavefront sensing using the EEV (now e2v) CCD39. Since then, our camera technology has evolved and we have been supporting state-of-the-art research in astronomy and life sciences using only best in class imaging sensors. Partnering with RedShirtImaging and ImagerLabs, we were subsequently awarded Phase I and II SBIRs by the NIH to develop a novel high speed deep well CMOS detector and camera with frame rates up to 10 kHz and a maximum well depth of 100 million electrons. System integrator RedShirtImaging provides state-of-the-art turnkey systems for optical imaging in neurophysiology and cardiovascular research.

Life Science Imaging
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